News Article – New Digital Low Pressure Sensor

This new product family offers a fully customizable, turn-key solution for design engineers looking for digital pressure solutions requiring exceptional accuracy. Product highlights include automatically selected I2C or SPI output interfaces with 16/17/18 bit resolution and typically better than ±0.05% FSS BFSL Linearity + Hysteresis error. The DLLR Series utilizes All Sensors’ proprietary CoBeam2 TM Technology, allowing for greater sensitivity while reducing package stress and almost eliminating position sensitivity with All Sensors’ robust and ultra-stable dual die technology. With the ability to operate at a low, variable supply voltage from 1.68V to 3.6V, and an idle power of less than 1 µW; the DLLR Series is a good fit for power conscious designs. Given that the part can operate directly from a battery with excellent performance, the product family is well suited for portable applications. Devices are available in 10 and 30 inH2O (2488 and 7465 Pa) pressure ranges, gage and differential.