TEMWELL Corporation have been designing & manufacturing RF Helical Band Pass Filters (Passive Components) since 1994. They use λ/4 wavelength technology to design the RF Helical Band Pass Filters & 10-60 Watts Power Band Pass Filters for all kinds of Cellular Mobile Telecom and VHF UHF (200~520MHz) Antenna Splitters.For Digital Broadcast Satellite / Terrestrial / CATV, PAL Channel Band Pass Filters, Wireless Telecommunication, Wireless Satellite network they offer 60 Watts 2Way / 4Way UHF Power Splitters, GSM Splitters, GPS Splitters, Miniature Diplexers and VHF UHF 20-25 Watts 2 Way Diplexers.


They are able to replace TOKO Filters in many series such as 5HW, 5HT, 7HW, 7HT, 5CHT, 5CHW, 5CHLW, CBW13, CBT13, HRW and HRQ.

Product categories:
  • 50/75Ω Helical Band Pass Filters
  • 50/75Ω 10-50 Watts Power Band Pass Module Filters
  • 5~20 Watts VHF UHF Miniature/Power Diplexers
  • Multi Antenna, Multi-Way Band Pass VHF UHF Antenna Splitters / Combiners
  • Temwell Toko Type Helical Filters (TOKO Filter Replacement)