Syfer Technology Limited is part of the Dover Corporation and one of the Ceramic Microwave Products (CMP) Companies within the Dover Electronics Group. The company is based in Norwich, UK where they produce multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI/RFI filters for both surface mount PCB applications, as well as threaded and solder-in panel-mounted styles.Typical applications for their wide range of products include – telecoms, power supplies, industrial, automotive, aerospace, space, inverters and backlighting circuits for LCDs and this is supported by the various product approvals they currently hold, including CECC, UL and TÜV. 

Syfer is also well known for their FlexiCap™ termination, FlexiCap™ accommodates a greater degree of board bending than conventional capacitors.

Product categories:
  • High Voltage SM Capacitors
  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • Panel Mount EMI Filters
  • Planar Arrays / Discoidal Products
  • Radial Capacitors
  • Surface Mount EMI/RFI Filters
  • X2Y Technology