Welcome to Brabek

Brabek was founded in April 1994 by Brian & Beth James. Brabek first started trading in finding hard to get Electronic Components and provided their customers with a service they were looking for. Once established Brabek started securing franchised lines. Today Brabek offers both services thus offering their customers a complete solution. Our product line ranges from chip resistors to custom LCD solutions. We pride ourselves in the service we offer to our customers.

News Article – Apem

APEM is pleased to introduce the A02ES-I series, an ergonomic emergency stop switch certified to the highest safety standards. This product with its new modern design is easy to mount and to operate and is certified according to UL 508, CSA 22.2 and EN 60947-5-5.
DATE PUBLISHED: November 27, 2015 Read More

News Article – Recom

RECOM´s new compact RACG100 and RACG150 were designed without compromises in reliability, efficiency or protection. These modules supply 100 or 150W, continuously without active cooling, regardless of whether they are horizontally or vertically mounted.
DATE PUBLISHED: July 05, 2016 Read More

News Article – Yamaichi

After the successful introduction of the new circular connector series Y-Circ® P with push-pull interlocking, the product range will now be successively expanded. The new ‘WD’ socket type is a natural for back wall mounting in combination with circuit board contacts. The wall mounted socket has anti-rotation protection and a solid back stop. This can optionally be equipped with a sealing ring to permit anti-rotation protection for round holes without a flat section.
DATE PUBLISHED: June 03, 2015 Read More