Welcome to Brabek

Brabek was founded in April 1994 by Brian & Beth James. Brabek first started trading in finding hard to get Electronic Components and provided their customers with a service they were looking for. Once established Brabek started securing franchised lines. Brabek offers both services thus offering their customers a complete solution for their component procurement. Brabek also offers manufacturing of customer products where we procure all components, PCB’s & parts for production. We work closely with contract manufacturers for assembly of PCB’s & arrange final assembly of products ready for shipment to end customer. We take all the stress away from our customers & this allows them to concentrate on developing & marketing of their products. We pride ourselves in the service we offer to our customers.

News Article – MEC

MEC Switches in Denmark is launching a new PCB switch series called Ultramec. First one out of the pipeline is Ultramec 6C, a switch with high specifications wrapped up in a small package.

The new switch has smaller dimensions than the previous range of Multimec switches and significantly lower height of 2.5mm. Due to J-bend terminals it is excellent for handheld devices or applications with limited space and height.
DATE PUBLISHED: September 23, 2016 Read More

News Article – Recom

RECOM´s new compact RACG100 and RACG150 were designed without compromises in reliability, efficiency or protection. These modules supply 100 or 150W, continuously without active cooling, regardless of whether they are horizontally or vertically mounted.
DATE PUBLISHED: July 05, 2016 Read More

News Article – Apem

Stylish, modern & innovative QH series is a brand new product th enhance the Q series range. Available in a choice of colours, IP67 sealed as a standard but available unsealed if required, the incorporation of high quality hyper bright LED’s make the QH the ideal solution for wide range of applications.
DATE PUBLISHED: August 29, 2016 Read More